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Breast Reduction Temecula

Breast Reduction
In Temecula, CA

What is a Breast Reduction?

If your full, large breasts literally weigh you down and affect your energy levels and self-confidence, you could benefit from a breast reduction. Breast reduction or mammoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that reduces the size of your breasts. Your plastic surgeon removes excess breast tissue and reshapes your breasts so that they’re more manageable and flatter your figure. At Renuance Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa in Temecula breast lift surgeons Brian Eichenberg, MD, and Rachel Ford, MD, can expertly and beautifully reshape your breasts to a more manageable size and shape with a breast reduction.

Types of Breast Reduction

There are different options for how the plastic surgeons at the Renuance Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa can customize your breast reduction procedure.


This is one option that can be performed, using liposuction by itself to reduce breast size. Not only is the procedure shorter and less invasive, but it also leaves virtually no scarring on your breasts. The best candidates for this surgery are those who have little to no sagging, decent skin elasticity, and only need a slight to moderate reduction in their breasts. In addition, these patients will have large breasts due to extra fatty tissue.

Vertical or “Lollipop” Breast Reduction

If you need a more moderate breast reduction, have more sagging, and less elasticity, then this type of procedure might be best for you. In a vertical breast reduction, there are two places for incisions - around the edge of the areola and running vertically from below the areola to the bottom breast crease. From here, your doctor will be able to remove excess skin, fat, and tissue, as well as reshape and lift the breast.

Inverted-T or “Anchor” Breast Reduction

This type of reduction involves three incisions. Along with one around the areola and a vertical one from under the areola to the bottom breast crease, there is also a horizontal incision along the bottom crease. These incisions allow the doctor to take out and reshape as much tissue as necessary. This surgery is best for someone who needs a significant reduction, has extreme sagging, or has severe asymmetry.

Benefits of a Breast Reduction

When you have large breasts, it’s harder to find clothes that are comfortable and flattering. Your breasts may draw unwanted comments that make you feel upset or unhappy with your appearance.

Breast reduction surgery can help reduce pain in your neck, shoulders, and back caused by the weight of your breasts. This relief can improve daily comfort and posture, reducing strain on the spine and promoting better overall body alignment. Breast reduction surgery can also help with skin irritation and rashes that can occur in the crease under the breast. Overall, it is a practical solution for reducing discomfort and improving quality of life.

Breast reduction surgery has many benefits, one of which is improved comfort and quality of life. After undergoing the surgery, you'll find it much easier to find clothes that fit well and look good. This can be a big boost to your confidence and overall well-being. You'll also be able to participate in physical activities more comfortably without the discomfort and limitations that larger breasts can cause. The surgery can also relieve aches and pains, making your daily life more comfortable and enjoyable.

After breast reduction surgery, it's important to wear supportive bras that can help you feel more comfortable and reduce strain on your shoulders. One such bra is the Breast Whisperer Bra, which is specially designed to provide the right kind of support and ensure a good fit. Having smaller breasts can also help you feel better about your body and prevent unwanted comments from others. Overall, breast reduction surgery can improve your quality of life by reducing pain and giving you more confidence to take on daily activities.

The Breast Reduction Procedure

Breast Reduction Temecula

During your consultation for breast reduction Temecula plastic surgeons at Renuance will discuss the issues you’re having with your breasts as well as your hopes for a new, improved figure. They make recommendations based on your current body shape and measurements and help you decide how much breast tissue to remove.

You can even preview how your smaller breasts will look with the VECTRA® 3D imaging system. Your Renuance Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa surgeon helps you prepare for your surgery by encouraging you to quit smoking and avoid blood-thinning medications, supplements, and herbs, such as garlic and ginseng. You should also arrange for a ride home and for help with household tasks for the first two weeks, which are the most intensive part of your recovery. During surgery, you are asleep under general anesthesia. Your surgeon makes an incision around your areola that extends down to the breast crease. They then raise your breasts and areola to a youthful and flattering level, reduce the size of the areola (if needed), and remove excess breast tissue, fat, and skin.

Recovery from Breast Reduction

Once your procedure is complete, you are sent to a recovery room to allow you time to come out of anesthesia. There is also monitoring to ensure there are no complications from your procedure.

After a breast reduction Temecula patients can expect to have some tingling, aching, and swelling. In addition, your new breasts may actually look bigger than you expected due to the initial swelling. It’s also important to note that your breasts may heal at different rates, so there may be some asymmetry between them for a few months after your procedure. After three months or so, your final breast size should be settled, allowing you to confidently shop for new clothes and bras to flatter your new shape. It’s also possible to see smaller changes for up to a year after, including your scars becoming less visible.

Your Breast Reduction Results

One of the most immediate differences in patients is relief from the weight of their breasts, causing less back and shoulder pain. Your silhouette will also look different as your breasts will now have a different proportion than before. Your breast reduction is permanent, allowing you to enjoy lighter, perkier breasts for the rest of your life, creating a sense of confidence and self-esteem that you may have been missing in the past.

Your Consultation for Breast Reduction in Temecula

With 40-plus years of serving the Temecula community, the plastic surgeons at the Renuance Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa understand your concerns and know how to build a plan to help you attain your cosmetic goals. If you would like to ease discomfort from overly large breasts, schedule a breast reduction consultation by calling Renuance Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa or using the online form.

Breast Reduction FAQs

Once you wake up from anesthesia, there will likely be some level of pain from the incisions, bruising, and swelling, which is normal. You can manage your symptoms with over-the-counter analgesics, but if you feel you need something stronger, you can also ask for a prescription for pain medication.

Because the doctors will be making incisions, there will be some scarring. However, it is limited to the area below the breast, which can be easily concealed by clothing, such as a bra or bikini top. In addition, with proper care, scars typically fade considerably over the first year.

Whether your implants need replacing, or you’re ready to go implant-free, the expert surgeons at Renuance Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa can help. They may recommend a breast lift along with implant removal to keep an uplifted and youthful look to your breasts.

Because there are different procedures available and each person’s breasts are unique, the exact cost will vary. If you have a breast reduction for a medical reason, it is likely covered by your insurance providers. However, elective cosmetic procedures are usually not covered. In those cases, you can look into getting financing or payment options at the Renuance Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa.

If you would like to know more about getting a Temecula breast reduction, you will first need to come in for a consultation at the Renuance Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa to establish your eligibility and allow the doctors to customize a treatment plan for you. Generally speaking, ideal candidates have excessive breast fat and tissue, are in good general health and are not nursing.

Discover the difference that beauty can make in your life with a treatment at Renuance. Our award-winning plastic surgeons are dedicated to your care and look forward to treating you. Schedule your consultation today and experience the positive transformation of Renuance.

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