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Breast Lift
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A Youthful, Perky Appearance

The effects of time, gravity, breastfeeding, and other factors can cause a woman’s breast tissue to stretch. As a result, the breasts may begin to droop, the nipples may angle downward, and her figure may lose its youthful, perky appearance. If you want to restore your breasts to a higher position and get back your old figure, explore your options with a breast lift at Renuance Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa. Riverside County women are typically good candidates for the surgery if their goal is to change the shape and position of their breasts. Our Temecula Breast Lift surgeons can combine the procedure with breast augmentation if a patient also wants increased fullness.

Do I Need a Breast Lift?

At Renuance, we want your results to reflect your own needs and goals — not anyone else’s.

We will take the time in your consultation to review the options available to you, show you before-and-after images, and answer your questions so that you enter treatment with confidence. Renuance’s doctors are Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons with years of experience serving Riverside County patients. We specialize in procedures such as breast lift surgery. We also bring an eye for natural aesthetics, surgical expertise, and a patient-first approach to every woman’s treatment.

If you are thinking about breast surgery but you aren’t sure whether you should have a breast lift, augmentation, or both, we offer resources to help you understand the benefits of each choice. This includes 3D imaging with the VECTRA® system, allowing you to see how your body will look after different procedures. It’s one of the many ways we personalize your care with our practice.

Your Options with Breast Lift Surgery

Your breast lift will take place in our AAAASF-certified surgical suite. On the day of your procedure, your nurse and doctor will meet with you beforehand to answer any questions you have and ensure that you are comfortable before getting started. Most procedures use general anesthesia, and we ask that our Riverside County patients have another adult drive them home afterward. Your Renuance surgeon will follow one of several different approaches to perform your breast lift.

The technique your doctor uses will depend on the amount of lift you need while limiting the number and length of incisions. Even with procedures that provide the greatest amount of lift, surgical scars should heal well and fade over time. After your breast lift, your surgeon will see you back at Renuance periodically to follow your progress. Most patients take pain medication, get help at home, and don’t drive for the first week. By the time full medical restrictions are lifted at six weeks, you should be able to enjoy a more youthful, attractive figure in whatever clothes you wear.

Your Experience with Breast Lift Surgery

During your initial consultation for a breast lift Temecula plastic surgeon Dr. Ford or Dr. Eichenberg will discuss your goals with you, review the VECTRA imaging, and go over different choices related to your breast lift. These may include:

  • Whether an implant alone will give you the lift that you need or if you would instead benefit from a breast lift.
  • Whether you should have both a breast lift and augmentation. For Riverside County patients who are happy with the size of their breasts, we can often make use of the existing tissue to lift the breasts without an implant.
  • The surgical technique that will provide you with lift while limiting scarring and expense.
  • The size of the areola post-surgery.

We will also talk with you about your expectations and likely outcomes from surgery, including how you can maintain your results over time. Gravity continues to have an effect on the breast tissue after a lift, which is why we recommend that women wear a support garment day and night. Renuance’s Dr. Brian Eichenberg invented the Breast Whisperer bra to provide women with a comfortable support garment for both daytime and nighttime.

Breast Lift Temecula

Breast Lift FAQs

Our breast lift patients can choose from the following incision options, which are listed below from least invasive to most invasive:

  • The donut incision, in which an incision that’s made around the areola, which helps disguise the resulting scar.
  • The lollipop incision, in which an incision is made around the areola and then directly down from the midsection of the bottom of the areola to the breast crease.
  • The anchor incision, which is the lollipop incision plus a horizontal incision at the bottom of the breast crease.

Obviously, most women in Riverside County desire the least invasive scar necessary. The incision type that you and our doctors will choose will depend on the degree of breast sagging you’re experiencing. More invasive incisions may also increase the overall cost of your procedure, due to the additional work that needs to be performed to deliver you with the best possible results.

A breast lift has a relatively quick recovery time. Patients are advised to take pain medication and abstain from driving for 1 week post-op. Riverside County women who perform heavy labor or use their arms a lot of typically advised to take 2 weeks off from these activities to fully recover.

Discover the difference that beauty can make in your life with a treatment at Renuance. Our award-winning plastic surgeons are dedicated to your care and look forward to treating you. Schedule your consultation today and experience the positive transformation of Renuance.

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