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What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is an injectable therapy dermal filler that restores volume and moisture to your skin. For our patients in Temecula Juvederm is commonly used around the mouth, lips, cheeks, chin, and jawline to add plumpness and restore facial contours. The highly qualified plastic surgeons at the Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center are board-certified and know how to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Schedule a consultation for a full evaluation of your skin to learn if Juvederm is right for you.

Types of Juvederm

The Juvederm family of fillers is a collection of HA gels that come in different consistencies. At Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center in Temecula Juvederm experts use these fillers to address your specific issues. Depending on your needs, your expert injector may recommend the following:

Juvederm Voluma XC

Voluma is the only dermal filler that’s FDA-approved to restore volume to the midface, chin, and jawline areas, creating a mini lift that resolves slight sagging and jowling. Your injector can also build up your cheekbones with Voluma for further lift and elegance. Voluma lasts about two years.

Juvederm Vollure

This medium-consistency filler is ideal for filling in deep creases around the mouth and nose, such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Vollure can last for up to 18 months.

Juvederm and Juvederm Volbella

Your injector uses the original Juvederm and the newer, thinner Volbella to fill in shallower wrinkles and fine lines — including perioral lines — as well as reshape and plump your lips. Simply adding a little volume to your lips can transform and brighten your whole look. Juvederm lasts about six months, and Volbella lasts for more than a year.

Juvederm Volux

Volux is a dermal filler that is specifically designed to add volume to the chin and jawline areas of the face. The results of Juvederm Volux can last up to 18 months, making it a popular choice for individuals who are looking for a non-surgical way to enhance their facial features.

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The Juvederm Process

Receiving Juvederm is an outpatient treatment that takes relatively little time to administer. While Juvederm injections usually take less than an hour, your actual time may take longer if you combine Juvederm with more comprehensive procedures, like Botox.

Since Juvederm is an injectable treatment, you will not need any sedation or general anesthesia. Your injector may provide a local numbing cream to your target treatment area, but that may not be necessary as Juvederm already has lidocaine in it, which helps numb the injection. It is possible you will feel a pricking-sensation on your cheeks, lips, or other areas of your face, but this should not be any more painful than receiving a typical shot. As long as you haven’t had other procedures which require anesthesia, you should be able to drive yourself home afterward.

What is Juvederm?

As you grow older, you may find lines and wrinkles forming around your nose, lips, and cheeks. You can also have deepening smile lines or sagging skin. Juvederm gives you the chance to correct these issues.

This nonsurgical dermal filler can restore youthful contours by filling in lines and restoring volume to your face. At Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center in Temecula, we carry the entire Juvederm family of fillers. Juvederm products contain hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a substance that your skin produces naturally to attract and hold moisture. As you age, you lose HA, which is one reason why you develop volume loss in the mid-face and cheeks, volume loss in lips, wrinkles and fine lines, deep creases, and sagging skin. By restoring HA to your skin with Juvederm fillers, the Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center team can restore your youthful appearance by reducing wrinkles and creases. Our natural-looking results are one of the reasons we have been awarded the Allergan Black Diamond status and are in the top 1% of Juvederm providers worldwide.

Recovery from Juvederm

Juvederm is a non-surgical procedure with a very short recovery time - typically less than a day. If you notice any bumps at the injection site, they should fade within a few hours.

There will likely be a little swelling, and you may have some small bruising at the site of the injections. There may also be itching, redness, and mild pain from the needle, but these will also fade within one to two days. You can apply cold compresses and ice to reduce these symptoms and help with healing times. In addition, you will need to avoid direct sunlight and wear sunblock.

You also need to avoid hot showers, saunas, cooking over a hot stove, or staying near any excessive heat. Make sure not to wear any makeup for at least a day afterward. Also, avoid alcohol and vigorous activity right after your treatment. If you have your lips treated, make sure you do not use a straw for at least two weeks. If your face is treated, avoid facial massages for two weeks. Your injector will provide you with a full list of after-care instructions.

Results from Juvederm

Juvederm is one of the fastest-acting dermal fillers on the market. Right after it’s been injected, Juvederm is already working to restore volume and smooth your treatment area.

While these instant results are exciting, it usually takes about two weeks for the final results to settle. There may be some small adjustments during this period, but this is normal after injection. This allows the Juvederm to create long-lasting results for smoother skin and a fuller face.

Juvederm Temecula

Your Consultation for Juvederm in Temecula

If you’re not ready for a facelift, but you want a more youthful-looking and lifted face, learn more about Juvederm Temecula patients should contact us to schedule a consultation. Juvederm’s parent company, Allergan, has labeled Renuance an Allergan Black Diamond location, the highest level of achievement, meaning you can trust us to provide you excellent results from your procedure. Restore your facial and lip volume, smooth wrinkles, and create a non-surgical lift with Juvederm fillers. Schedule your consultation in-person or virtually! At Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center in Temecula Juvederm consultations can be done in-person or virtually.

Temecula Juvederm FAQ

If there is a loss of volume and growing wrinkles around your cheeks, nose, or lip, including sagging skin and deepening smile lines, you may want to consider Juvederm. This dermal filler has been specifically designed to address these areas of your face in order to help you regain a younger-looking face.

Juvederm fillers are ideal for a liquid, non-surgical facelift that restores the contours of your face, without a stitch or the need for extensive recovery time. Your provider may combine several Juvederm fillers with Botox to smooth out forehead and eye wrinkles while restoring lift and volume to your face. Juvederm fillers contain the painkiller lidocaine to make your “facelift” comfortable.

Not really. In fact, Juvederm comes with small amounts of lidocaine already in it, which further minimizes any discomfort during your treatment. There may be some slight bruising and soreness afterward, but this will quickly fade.

No. This is a nonsurgical procedure, so there are no incisions.

The various types of Juvederm have different prices. In addition, you may choose to have a combination of injections in more than one part of your face or add other types of treatments as well, which also affects the cost. For our current pricing and specials, call our office. Because Juvederm is an elective cosmetic treatment, insurance will likely not cover it. If you need assistance to pay the full cost of treatment upfront, the Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center has partnered with CareCredit and Alphaeon Credit, to help make your payments more manageable. Be sure to ask us about our financing options.

Ideal candidates are generally in good health and have fine wrinkles and/or skin sagging in their face, neck, jowls, or other areas. Don’t live with sagging skin and wrinkles anymore! Lift and smooth your face for a fresh, natural rejuvenation with Juvederm fillers.

Discover the difference that beauty can make in your life with a treatment at Renuance. Our award-winning plastic surgeons are dedicated to your care and look forward to treating you. Schedule your consultation today and experience the positive transformation of Renuance.

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