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Scar Revision Temecula

Scar Revision
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Customized Scar-Revision

At our med spa, the team at Renuance understands that scars – particularly those in prominent locations – can be frustrating. Whether scars are the result of an injury, surgery or a vaccination, most of us have the same reaction: We just want them to vanish. That’s why Brian Eichenberg, M.D., has developed a unique treatment plan for scar revision Temecula patients can count on.

Dedicated to ensuring the highest level of quality for his skin care patients, Dr. Eichenberg begins by evaluating the scar and discussing non-surgical options. These may include waiting until the scar has had more time to heal, injecting the area with steroids or applying long-term pressure.

If non-surgical solutions do not work, he designs a customized scar-revision surgical procedure. By using this two-phase approach, Dr. Eichenberg provides his Riverside County patients with the most effective, safest treatment.

Your Scar Revision

If non-surgical solutions don’t work, consider scar revision surgery from plastic surgeon Dr. Eichenberg. During a consultation for scar revision Temecula plastic surgeon Dr. Eichenberg usually discusses the following considerations with his patients:


In any area, if a wound heals under tension, the resulting scar is likely to spread and become wider than ideal.


While you may have thin, soft scars in one area of your body, other areas may produce unsightly scars. The most noticeable scars typically appear on the outer upper arm, the central chest and occasionally the breasts, abdomen, jaw line and ear lobes. The problem, in these cases, relates to the skin itself.

Initial Repair

If at the time of initial wound repair the deeper layers of skin are not pulled together properly, the final scar is likely to be depressed and wide.

Optimal Outcomes Using the Latest Techniques

Although scar revision surgery may be very helpful, certain factors, such as whether you have already had other scar-repair procedures, can influence the outcome. By choosing Dr. Eichenberg, you can ensure an optimal outcome because he uses the latest techniques available in the industry. In addition, Dr. Eichenberg can repair all the layers of the skin, using only the best plastic surgery techniques, instruments and sutures.

For example, in areas where bad scars are most likely to occur, steroids can be injected during repair and pressure can be applied by taping the area during the healing process. As a Skin care patient, you can help improve your results by carefully following all post-operative instructions from your surgeon. Choose a plastic surgeon and aesthetic specialist whose commitment to quality care is unparalleled. Request your scar revision with our office today.

Discover the difference that beauty can make in your life with a treatment at Renuance. Our award-winning plastic surgeons are dedicated to your care and look forward to treating you. Schedule your consultation today and experience the positive transformation of Renuance.

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