Reflection of Caucasian Woman Touching Corner of Eye In MirrorIt’s been used as a therapy for muscle spasms, certain neurological movement disorders, migraine, sweating and, of course, to lessen frown lines on the brow. It’s even being suggested as a treatment for depression. So can BOTOX also help people lose weight? It appears that, for now, the answer is no.

Researchers theorized that botulinum toxin could be used to help prevent people from overeating. The hypothesis of the study: injecting the toxin into the stomach could cause a person to feel full. It appears that BOTOX will slow the movement of food, but that effect did not contribute to reduced weight in test subjects.

Researchers continue to find new applications for BOTOX, but we can’t add weight loss to that list just yet. Still, the super-toxin is helping women and men to look younger and more refreshed, and who knows what other positive changes that can trigger?

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