Woman In Bikini with Slim WaistBreast augmentation does not end with the implantation procedure. If you want to maintain that beautiful, youthful look that the augmentation has given you, then you must be careful to regularly check on your breasts to ensure that they still look the way you want them to. If you feel that your breasts look different as compared to how they looked immediately after the procedure, consider a revision surgery.

In some cases, you may not be satisfied with the immediate results of your primary breast augmentation. Breast revision surgery can give your breasts the look and feel that you originally desired.

This procedure is also necessary when breast implants are causing post-operative complications. Here are some situations where breast augmentation revision may be needed:

Nipples Are Higher than Normal

Do your nipples seem to be placed too high while the rest of your breast is sagging lower? This condition is called “bottoming out.” This is when the breasts implants have gone too low, leaving the nipples set high. You can go for a breast revision surgery to reposition the implants properly.

You Want a Different Size

The size of your breasts can be changed even after you’ve gone through the breast augmentation procedure. After getting implants, if you are not satisfied with the size of your breasts, you can come in for a breast revision surgery to adjust the size.

Changing Body Structure

Due to the fact that the size of your breasts is dependent on implants, their size will not change in proportion to your changing body size. While minor changes in your overall body shape may not make much of a difference, certain changes like a drastic reduction in weight may affect the body-breast proportion. Rather than worring about this, you can simply go for a breast revision surgery and get this corrected.

Deflated Implants

In some cases, women tend to notice a reduction in breast volume. This could be due to leakage in the implant shells. If you do notice a reduction in the breast volume, the simple solution is to have a breast revision surgery. The shells will be corrected by the surgeon, thereby restoring the breasts back to their full volume.


Sometimes, the ripples of the breast implants stand out clearly in the skin of the breasts. In such cases, a breast revision surgery will help to address these ripples so that they will not be visible anymore. This can often be achieved by moving the implant below the muscle or replacing the saline implant with a silicone implant.

Malposition of Breasts

Some women may feel that the implants have not been positioned as perfectly as they would have wanted them. After surgery, it may seem as though the breasts have been positioned too far apart, are not aligned well, or are not set as high as they should have been. In all such cases of malpositioning of the breasts, you can undergo a breast revision surgery to correct the positioning.

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