Bare Belly And Hips With Black Marker Drawings of Arrows and Cut LinesI try to prepare patients who visit me for plastic surgery in Temecula to have realistic expectations about the results of their procedures. Aesthetic enhancements are designed to improve—not perfect—a person’s appearance.

That Perfect, Air-Brushed Look

Digital editing, professional makeup and perfect lighting don’t tell the whole story—celebrities and models do not actually look like they do on magazine covers. These are artists’ renderings. And myths about plastic surgery abound in the media. But cosmetic procedures can effectively achieve excellent aesthetic results, such as smoother skin, a clearer complexion, fuller lips, larger breasts or a slimmer physique. Having sensible expectations protects patients from dissatisfaction.

Greater Confidence, Not Greater Worth

One should not rely on cosmetic procedures for their sense of personal significance, or they risk experiencing disappointment. People buy certain clothes, do their hair and wear makeup because receiving compliments and looking nice feels good. Likewise, cosmetic procedures can help people feel more confident. They can even prove beneficial in social and professional settings.

One of a Kind

Each person’s results will be—and should be—different. No two people are absolutely identical in appearance (not even identical twins), and surgical procedures will produce unique results. This preserves individuality while enhancing personal appearance.