Female Model in White BikiniWomen who are looking for implants are looking for the most natural-looking work. So-called “Gummy Bear” implants offer this option. These are not new, as they have been used around the world for over 15 years and with much success throughout Europe, but they are not yet widely available in the United States.

Gummy bear implants are cohesive breast implants, an implant made from a cohesive gel that has the consistency of the gummy bear candy. You can bend, twist, and even cut the implant, and it will retain its shape. Unlike fluid and gel-filled implants commonly used, these implants will not leak fluid into the body if they are damaged at some point.

There are numerous benefits to this cohesive gel. First, the implants maintain their shape, even with the forces of gravity and the natural pull and tug of the muscles in the body. This allows them to give more visible shape to the breasts of the patient, which is beneficial for those patients who have a definite shape in mind for their breasts. They also won’t leak, even if the shell does break. Similarly, shell collapse and folds do not occur with these implants as they sometimes do with other options. Finally, these implants appear to cause fewer instances of capsular contracture than other implant options.

Gummy bear implants are just one of several options available to woman who want new curves. Women seeking breast augmentation in Riverside County need to visit our gallery to see real before and after shots of patients using various types of implants. They can then schedule a consultation to discuss these options with Dr. Eichenberg and see exactly what will work best for their body shape.

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