Beautiful woman standing on the dockIt’s one of the primary concerns I hear from patients — what is the right age for a woman to have breast augmentation? At my practice serving Riverside and Murrieta, when I consult with women interested in getting larger breasts, I look at more than just their age. The truth is that there are many factors that go into deciding whether the time is right for surgery. Here are some things that I consider in determining whether someone is a good candidate:

  • Development: Although many women have fully developed breasts at age 18, many others reach physical maturity in their early 20s. Having augmentation before the breasts are fully developed may negatively affect a woman’s results.
  • Body type: Many women want to achieve the classic hourglass figure, and breast augmentation can help them do that, especially if they have curvy hips and a slim waist. Women with slender hips can also get a more feminine silhouette from augmentation. Different sizes and shapes of implants are more appropriate for women of different proportions. An experienced plastic surgeon with a trained aesthetic eye can help patients determine whether they can benefit from augmentation.
  • Weight fluctuation: When a woman gains or loses a lot of weight, it can affect the breasts. If a woman is considering having children in the near future, I recommend she wait until after pregnancy before getting implants. Pregnancy increases the size of the breasts, while breastfeeding results in a loss of volume. Or, if a woman is not planning to have more children but is planning to embark on major weight loss, her breasts could change in size. Those shifts may negatively affect the results of a previous augmentation. I always ask my patients whether they have any plans that could affect their breasts in order to decide whether delaying would be best.
  • Cosmetic goals: It’s important that women who are considering this procedure have realistic expectations and that their cosmetic goals are in line with what’s appropriate for their bodies. Women should also want to have this procedure to improve their own self-image, rather than to live up to someone else’s expectations.

It’s tough to say when the “right time” is for breast augmentation. The question should be when the right time is for you. Talking all these factors over with a surgeon can help you find your answer.