When making the decision to have a breast augmentation, Riverside residents shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of the implants thereafter. They don’t want to be told that they’ll need to replace the implants sooner rather than later. Frankly, nobody wants to find out their pre-filled silicone implants may be so below standard they’re threatening their health. This could have been the case from 2000 to today if the United States FDA hadn’t stepped in to ensure that those receiving these implants would be protected from low quality products.

Since the FDA required manufacturers of implants to undergo pre-market approval in 2000, pre-filled silicone implants from a company called Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) had to discontinue distribution in the United States. The implants were not deemed to meet the standard of materials and construction of those already in the market for safe implantation. Although 30,000 pre-filled saline implants from PIP were sold in the United States, patients can rest assure that these products were discontinued here. PIP has since closed under liquidation in 2011 after leaving the industry with a health care scandal.

Breast enhancement is a serious surgical decision that is dependent upon the condition of the existing mammary gland tissue, the quality of the implant product and the skill level of the cosmetic surgeon. In fact, your enhancement can include an adjustment of many kinds, in order to accommodate the highest quality of outcome. You can simply seek to have your cup size enlarged, or you can achieve a revision of your previous implant procedure. If your areola size or your overall breast shape is unappealing to you and the placement of safe silicone or saline implants alone will not affect it the way you would like, a lift is always an addition that can be added.

If you’re seeking a local source for breast augmentation, Hemet medical professionals can provide the experience of body enhancement from a nationally accredited plastic surgery facility with specialized care and comfort. When it comes to a woman’s body, the decision to trust her surgeon and the products provided are not to be taken lightly. If she finds a plastic surgery center with a well respected and trusted cosmetic surgeon who uses only the safest implants, then her anxiety and concerns will be quelled. Dr. Eichenberg says, “We have and will continue to provide the highest quality consultation, procedures and products to each patient.” Now that is peace of mind!