Blonde Woman With Long Hair Wearing Purple TankMany of the women I see who are interested in breast augmentation near Riverside aren’t looking for overly large breast implants. Instead, they want to look average.

This is a trend I have noticed at my practice during the past several years. Women are choosing modest breast implant sizes that are more proportional to their body frames, and there are many advantages to doing so. Most notably, the aesthetic results are very flattering because the implants create a balanced body shape. Additionally, smaller breast implants weigh less than larger implants, which may make them more comfortable for some women. And since the change in appearance is less drastic, many women feel immediately confident and require less time to adjust to their new look.

Today, women want to look feminine and natural. They want to emphasize their curves without exaggerating them. And, with the number of breast implants options available, they can find exactly the right size, shape and style to suit their personal tastes.