Brunette Female Smiling With One Hand On Cheek and One On ShoulderA recent study tracked 75 patients who decided to undergo facial rejuvenation surgery, including a deep-plane facelift. The goal of the study was to determine whether or not the procedure truly caused a change in how old the individuals look.

The patients in the study were photographed using no makeup or jewelry, and then photographed again six months after their procedures. The photographs were judged by nearly 200 members of the general public who did not know the patients. These judges were asked to rate the apparent age of each individual they saw. According to Dr. Eichenberg, “This was a very valid way to approach the study. After all, what many of my patients really want is to have people they interact with to think they look younger.”

The study showed that the mean age for all patients was 6.0 years. The range was between 0.8 and 14.2 years, while control patients registered no change. Those who had just a facelift averaged a 4.6 year drop in age.

“This proves that a Temecula facelift does, in fact, make patients look younger. The face can age significantly in six to 14 years, and reducing age by that amount is a huge change,” said Dr. Eichenberg.

The skill of the surgeon is also an important factor. To see before and after pictures of facelifts in Temecula and Murrieta performed by Dr. Eichenberg, visit our facelift gallery.