In light of a recent news story out of London, Dr. Eichenberg wants to reassure his patients that breast implants in the United States are considered very safe. In the news story, a British woman had her breast implant explode when she was playing paintball and was hit in the chest.

This was interesting timing, because it happened just a few days after The US Food and Drug Administration issued a statement verifying that silicone breast implants were considered safe. The news of this exploding implant makes that statement appear a bit iffy.

According to Dr. Eichenberg, “It is important to note that the incident happened in Europe. Implants made within the last 10 years have little or no chance of rupturing from playing paintball. The implants used in Europe have much lower standards for approval than those used in the US and approved by the FDA. Implants weak enough to rupture form paintball play would be unlikely to receive approval from the FDA.”

UK Paintball, the company responsible for the facility where the accident happened, will now be requiring women who have implants to notify the company when they book their game and sign a disclaimer. They will also be given extra padding. “These types of precautions are not really necessary with implants approved for use in the US,” states Dr. Eichenberg. “The FDA has carefully studied these implants and determined that they are safe for normal activities, including active things like paintball.”

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