When the FDA allowed silicone implants back on the market after a 14 year hiatus, many who were interested in breast implants rejoiced. After all, these implants feel much more natural and offer women additional options over saline. Yet, some wondered if they were, truly, safe. And, as women are finding they have to have additional surgeries to correct complications or ruptures, some were wondering if the re-approval happened too soon.

According to Dr. Eichenberg, silicone is just as safe as saline. “The fact is that putting an implant into your body does allow for ruptures and other complications, but there has been no evidence that these cause serious complications, such as cancer or connective tissue disease, in patients who have silicone implants.”

In fact, new types of implant material, which are more gel-like than liquid, make these even more safe. “While some women do have to get their silicone implants replaced from time to time, the chances of the material leaking into other areas of the body is slim,” stated Dr. Eichenberg. “I can confidently say that the FDA was correct in making these available to the general public again. They are safe.”

Of course, any time you have surgery, especially elective surgery, there is a measure of risk involved. The only true way to avoid that risk is to avoid surgery altogether, but for those who are interested in breast augmentation, Riverside and Hemet women can turn to Dr. Eichenberg for excellent results.

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