Dr. Brian Eichenberg is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is trained to perform a variety of surgeries from head to toe. His specific set of surgical skills and experience lends itself to a relatively high number of transition procedures like sexual reassignment surgery. These types of patients require privacy, which is exactly what they receive at his secluded outpatient center in Riverside County.

Dr. Eichenberg gives a high degree of focus to transgender patients looking to undergo sexual reassignment surgery, in part because he understands that this life-changing procedure can finally offer them the identity they’ve always wanted. Sexual reassignment surgery can help a patient feel comfortable in their skin.

The most common surgery requested by transgender patients at our practice is making the transition from female to male. Renuance Cosmetic Surgery offers a lot of options, big or small, that can help transgendered patients feel and look more masculine or feminine.

For more details about sexual reassignment surgery, contact us today to set up a consultation at (951) 506-1040 in Riverside County.