The capabilities of a Temecula plastic surgeon go far beyond aesthetic enhancement. There are many different kinds of practitioners who focus on reconstructive or corrective surgeries. In many cases, surgeons work with trauma patients to help restore their quality of life. There are many fascinating stories of procedures that have achieved the seemingly impossible.

Recently, a team of surgeons in Sri Lanka dealt with a 31-year-old assault victim and successfully reattached his completely severed hand. The patient’s hand was severed from his arm with a kitchen knife. In a surgery lasting over 10 hours, a team of plastic and orthopedic surgeons worked together to successfully reattach the hand and restore use and mobility.

This is certainly not the first time a limb has been successfully attached. Many similar trauma victims all over the world have been able to recover use of damaged or severed fingers, hands, and toes with the help of exceptional surgical teams. Earlier this year, surgeons were able to successfully replace a man’s thumb by removing and reattaching his bigtoetohishand.

The advanced technology and knowledge that a Temecula plastic surgeon has available to them not only helps them work with trauma patients, but also informs aesthetic surgeries like breast augmentation, liposuction, and facial procedures. To learn more about your enhancement, correction, and restoration options, Dr. Eichenberg welcomes you to review different procedures on his website at You can also speak with him personally at his office in Murrieta.