Model In Blue Bikini With Ocean BackgroundOne of the drawbacks of breast augmentation procedures for many women is the fact that it creates a visible scar on or underneath the breast. While these scars are placed so that they are minimally visible, they are still there, and this makes some patients think twice before opting for the procedure. Scarless procedures give them even more options by placing the scar in a virtually invisible place.

According to Dr. Eichenberg, “There is no such thing as a truly scarless breast augmentation procedure. We have to cut the body to put the implants in, and these incisions will create a scar. Rather, the scarless option places small incisions in the armpit or navel, which makes them virtually invisible due to the nature of the skin in that part of the body.”

With this procedure, a small incision is made in the selected area, and the pocket is created laparoscopically. Once it is ready, the deflated implant is put in place, and inflated once it is in the proper position. Then everything is closed up.

This scarless procedure does have a few drawbacks. One of the primary drawbacks is the fact that it cannot be done using silicone implants, because the implants must be filled after they are set in place. Only women who are happy with the results offered by saline implants can use this procedure. Dr. Eichenberg also warns, “Because the surgeon cannot see inside the pocket, except what is shown on the camera screen, it is possible to over dissect the pocket, which leads to a higher risk of implant migration or bottoming out. For this reason it is vital to choose a skilled, experienced surgeon if you opt for this procedure.”

And what can you expect as far as scarring? For the procedure done through the navel, you will likely not notice the scars at all, simply because the naval is already a scar. Procedures done through the armpit leave small scars that typically blend in with the tissue that is already there.

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