One of the biggest concerns for people involved in the skin care industry is not stopping wrinkles and age spots, but rather being proactive in spotting melanoma. Skin cancer is a very real concern in today’s society, and anyone who is involved in helping people care for their skin, including plastic surgeons, should be trained in spotting these lesions. MelaFind is a medical device that can make this a little bit easier, and the FDA has just granted it approval.

MelaFind is a computer vision system that takes a picture of a potentially cancerous lesion, and then uses a complex set of software algorithms to determine whether or not the doctor should recommend a biopsy. It has amazing results with a 98 percent accuracy rate, which is much higher than the other common approach, which is to simply have the doctor look and take his or her best guess.

“This is a great innovation for dermatologists,” says Dr. Eichenberg. “I applaud those who created it fro harnessing technology in a potentially lifesaving way.”

For the time being the device will be given to a selection of dermatologists in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut when it hits the market in 2012. “While it is not being given to plastic surgeons,” says Dr. Eichenberg, “I am still excited about this innovation. Hopefully it will help more people detect cancer in time to get treatment and save their lives.”

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