We have all seen pictures or heard stories about people who have had cosmetic procedures that rendered unique or unusual results, and as difficult as it is to imagine, some cosmetic procedures seem to get even more atypical as each year that passes. Last year was no exception to this, yielding more interesting procedures and even odder results. You may or may not have heard about the ten wackiest procedures of the year. Specifically, there was the phony transgender doctor that injected fix-a-flat, cement and super glue into a patient trying to achieve a larger and shapelier buttock, the cigar smoking fake doctor who removed fat from a woman only to bring the fat to her home days later and flush it down her toilet, and the woman with the 38MMM breast implants trying to achieve the largest in the world. Also of note was the 46 year old man that had abdominal etching of his potbelly turned into six pack abs, the Russian woman that won’t stop increasing the size of her lips, the 35 year old Philippine man that had plastic surgery to look like Superman, and the story about young women in Tokyo undergoing a procedure to give them crooked teeth or fangs.

When told about the ten strangest plastic surgeries of 2011, Dr. Eichenberg said, “It is imperative that prospective patients of cosmetic procedures do their research in finding a properly licensed and accredited plastic surgeon.” He went on to add, “Doing so will not only protect patients from dangerous situations that can be life-threatening, but it will also protect the patient from going overboard with any one particular procedure that will render unsafe and abnormal looking results.” To learn more about Dr. Eichenberg and Temecula plastic surgery, visit www.renuance.net.