Once again, the world of plastic surgery is plagued by a story of an individual trying to perform their own surgery, only to end up with tragic results. A woman in Illinois recently died of a serious bacterial infection. Prior to contracting the infection, she tried to inject her face on her own using hot beef fat.

The actual cause of death was peritonitis, an autopsy report showed, but she also had infections and scarring in her mouth and on her lips from these repeated self injections.

According to Dr. Eichenberg, “While this woman’s death may or may not have been a direct result of her self-attempt at a cosmetic procedure, there is no denying she had a serious infection on her face. This is why we warn patients against trying to do their own procedures. There is simply too much at risk!”

The woman had done these self-injections several times without a problem. “What many people do not know is that repeated exposure to foreign objects, like the beef fat, sets an individual up for an allergic reaction. It may have worked the first time without a problem, but that does not mean it will the second or third time,” warns Dr. Eichenberg.

It is always better to have your injections done by a licensed Murrieta or Temecula plastic surgeon.

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