Cosmetic surgery from a board certified surgeon can offer you safe and effective ways to transform your body, but with many countries hosting foreign patients at significantly lower costs, it can be hard to pass up such a deal. Head out for a vacation and improve your figure through surgery. How can you lose?

What most people don’t consider are the risks involved, both in cost and health. Increasing numbers of individuals have come back with major complications. When factoring in the cost of possible revision surgery along with the travel expenses and original procedure, the price is no longer appealing. Even worse is the lost recovery time. Complications can keep someone out of work far longer than can be afforded.

When considering cosmetic tourism, keep in mind that the surgeon is only held to that country’s licensing and standards. Here, there are stricter rules for the health and safety of patients. While any licensed surgeon can legally perform plastic surgery in the US, a board certified plastic surgeon will deliver the most desirable and safe results. Dr. Eichenberg at Renuance Cosmetic Surgery has been board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery for many years. In regards to cosmetic tourism, he states, “I truly care about the health and well-being of my patients. Working on a surgical plan that is safe and effectively provides the results they are after is my top priority, and should be the top priority for any plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.”

He continues, “I encourage every person considering cosmetic surgery to come to our office and talk about our financing plans instead. There are many of ways to plan for your surgery that will not put your health or life in jeopardy.” Before coming in for a consultation for Riverside cosmetic surgery, visit us at to learn more about financing offers. Don’t run the risk of serious medical complications from a foreign procedure. Be safe, stay healthy, and make informed choices for the best results.