Brunette Female Smiling With One Hand On Cheek and One On ShoulderBoth Murrieta men and women turn towards facial surgeries to look and feel younger. Now there’s proof that plastic surgery really does make you appear younger than your actual age. In a recent study by the University of Toronto, it was discovered that patients look an average of 7.2 years younger with the help of cosmetic surgery.

For the study, 40 medical students were divided into groups of 10. Presented with photographs of 30 random people, including some that had facial plastic surgery, the students were made to estimate their ages. Their findings showed that the individuals who had plastic surgery appeared anywhere from 1.7 to nearly 9 years younger. While the students in the study preferred terms such as “youthful” or “more refreshed”, it proves that the general perception was they physically appeared younger.

“When I discuss patient options in consultations, most men and women are looking to improve their confidence, to feel more comfortable with themselves, and to achieve a look that reflects the age they feel,” says Dr. Eichenberg of Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center. “It is refreshing to hear news that public perception matches the personal goals of my patients.”

To look and feel younger, you can discuss your options in facelift or non-invasive cosmetic surgery. Riverside residents can visit to find out more details. As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Eichenberg has helped numerous individuals achieve his or her personal aesthetic goals.