When you are seeking a specialist for sexual reassignment surgery (SRS), you want someone who is aware of and sensitive to the physical and emotional aspects of this life changing procedure. Riverside County area plastic surgeons Brian Eichenberg, M.D., and Dr. Ford combine those qualifications with years of specialized experience, exceptional skills and board certification in plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery. They will provide you with the understanding and support that you deserve throughout this life-changing experience.

Our Surgeons specialize in FTM “top” chest surgery, also referred to as bilateral mastectomy. To protect your privacy in your transition from one gender to another, our surgeons perform FTM surgery in their secluded outpatient center in the Riverside County area. Transgender patients receive the highest quality of care, comfort and safety in this private center, which offers experienced aesthetic nurses and state of the art techniques and technology.

Your Female to Male Surgical Procedure

During your consultation, Dr. Eichenberg, and Dr. Ford will focus on understanding your specific vision for your future. Their awareness of the key role that he plays in your transition from one gender to another will help you to relax with the reassurance that you’ve chosen the right specialist for your gender reassignment surgery in the Inland Empire.

Our Surgeons will evaluate your body type and proportions carefully to customize your surgery so it’s right for you. In most cases, he performs an incision around the areola (periareolar), which camouflages the scar. In addition, by using the periareolar incision, they preserve nipple sensation by keeping the nipple and areola attached to the breasts throughout the procedure. This approach has been extremely successful.

Let us guide you on your life transforming journey. Contact our office in the Riverside County area to schedule your female to male breast consultation at (951) 506-1040.