Would you like to add youthful volume to your face and correct wrinkles, creases and indented scars? Do you have a tummy pooch or love handles that diet and exercise can’t solve? If you’d like to rejuvenate your face and sculpt your body, fat transfer from Riverside County area plastic surgeons at Renuance can achieve both goals in a single surgery.

By injecting your body’s own fat harvested through liposuction, Riverside area surgeon Dr. Eichenberg, or Dr. Ford creates an exciting enhancement for the face and body.

Your Fat Transfer Procedure

To keep you comfortable during your liposuction, Dr. Eichenberg, or Dr. Ford will use local anesthesia. If larger amounts of fat are needed, he will also use sedation. Dr. Eichenberg, or Dr. Ford begins by collecting the fat from a targeted area. He then processes it and injects it into the areas of your face that need volume.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so be sure to view the exceptional results we achieve for our satisfied patients in our Before & After Photo Gallery.

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