ms_certified_2015At Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center, board-certified surgeons work collaboratively with patients, guiding them in their aesthetic journey and ensuring that the results meet their personal goals. We take this same approach in helping women explore their options with breast implants.

Below, we share some of the most common questions Riverside County patients ask about breast implants. Reviewing this information can make it easier for you to decide about surgery, choose the breast implants that are right for your needs, and maintain an attractive and natural-looking appearance.

Should I Consider Breast Implants?

The choice of whether to have breast surgery should be yours and yours alone. Renuance surgeons spend extensive time with patients discussing what they want to accomplish with the procedure and the reasons for their decision. Our approach helps women have positive experiences and excellent outcomes.

You may find it useful to hear what other Riverside County patients think after treatment with our practice. They tell us:

  • Breast implants finally let them look the way that they desired. Some women were fine with their appearance before surgery but choosing to have an augmentation allowed them to have the body they really
  • They were highly satisfied with their results. This is in part due to the collaborative and supportive care our doctors provide.
  • The physical change made them feel more confident and attractive. Across the spectrum of ages that we see, women reported a better sex life, being more self-assured at work or at school, and an overall higher quality of life.

The Breast Whisperer

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Can I See What I’ll Look Like with Breast Implants Before I Have Surgery?

Renuance has invested in the VECTRA® 3D imaging system, an advanced tool that we can use to create a digital model of your body. During your consultation, your surgeon can tailor the model using different sizes and shapes of breast implants, allowing you to get an idea of how you’ll look after surgery.

Once you decide on the breast implants you think you want, you will be able to try out different sizer implants beneath your clothes. This is a great way to see how your figure will change and how you’ll look when you have larger breasts.

Should I Consider Saline or Silicone Breast Implants?

More than 90% of our Riverside County patients — and patients nationally — choose silicone breast implants. This style looks, feels, and moves more naturally than saline breast implants, which means that patients enjoy a better final result.

There are many different types and sizes of breast implants within the silicone category, which will allow your surgeon to personalize treatment to your needs. Using the VECTRA system and a physical examination, we will determine the dimensions and styles that will work best.

“I will go no other place but here. I’ve had both cosmetic surgeries and filler injections and I could not be happier. The entire staff is amazing..”

-Katherine R.

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Do I Need to Replace My Breast Implants?

There is no automatic requirement for you to replace your implants; they are meant to last a lifetime. Many of our patients have had their breast implants for 20-40 years. As long as they remain intact and in position, you do not need to have a follow-up procedure.

What Should I Do to Maintain My Results?

Gravity is at work all of the time, and it can have an outsized effect on women who have large breasts or breast implants. The tissue of the breasts can age over the years, diminishing the results that you’ve achieved through surgery.

We recommend that our Riverside County patients use support garments to reduce the effects of gravity and time on their body. Many women wear a bra during the day, but they may also want to explore options like the Breast Whisperer, a support garment developed by Renuance’s Dr. Brian Eichenberg. He designed this specialty bra to be comfortable enough for both daytime and nighttime wear, helping women maintain the aesthetic improvement that they have achieved with our practice.

We welcome your questions related to breast implants and invite you to explore your options with Renuance. Contact us online or by phone in Riverside County at (951) 506-1040.