Female In White Shirt and Panties Holding Yellow Measuring Tape Around HipsThis week, we are lucky to have a guest blog from our esteemed colleagues at Premier Plastic Surgery. As a renowned provider of plastic surgery in the Pittsburgh, PA area, they have vast experience with anti-aging therapies, skin rejuvenation, and aesthetic procedures. They are proud to announce two new procedures currently offered to their clients. Find out more below.

At Premier Plastic Surgery PA, we are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to cosmetic surgeries and procedures. We are proving it to our clients by adopting two of the most recent developments in our industry. Today we announce that we are currently offering NeoGraft and CoolSculpting. Pittsburgh men and women can enjoy better, more reliable results, as well as less recovery time, with help from these new procedures.

Since it is the first minimally invasive, FDA-approved automated hair transplant system, you will want to know more about NeoGraft hair restoration. Pittsburgh doctors at our clinic consider this procedure to be a major step forward in the treatment of baldness and hair loss. With the help of this device, large, visible incisions will be a thing of the past. You will look and feel your best with very little recovery time, and without having to wait months before you’re able to get a haircut.

We are equally excited to offer CoolSculping, the latest trend in noninvasive liposuction. Pittsburgh residents who are dealing with stubborn, unresponsive pockets of fat, now have a safe and effective option that doesn’t require surgery, or the recovery time that comes with it. Our doctors can target your problem areas, without the need for anesthesia or incisions. With the help of the patented method of cryolipolysis, we can kill fat cells with only the use of cold temperatures. You’ll have the slimmer body you were hoping for, with little to no hassle.

With the introduction of these two procedures, we feel we offer the two most convenient, effective solutions on the market for body contouring and male hair loss. That makes this a special announcement, and a proud day at Premier Plastic Surgery PA. Many thanks to the Breast Whisperer for giving us this platform. It’s great to have a respected colleague with which to share our news.