Adult Woman and Daughter Smiling in FieldOne of the greatest gifts we can experience is bringing life into the world. But motherhood is a gift that comes with many challenges. The cost that pregnancy and breastfeeding can have on the body is a problem many women deal with. A mommy makeover, or post-pregnancy makeover, by Dr. Brian Eichenberg was designed to help with these very issues.A post-pregnancy makeover does not refer to any specific procedure. Instead, it’s a term used to describe any combination of body-contouring surgeries that address sagging skin, weight gain, belly bulge and a loss of volume in the breasts.

Dr. Eichenberg is especially skilled when dealing with issues relating to the breasts, and he has been helping women renew their bodies and self-esteem for years.

To learn more about the post-pregnancy makeover, contact our Riverside County office to set up a consultation at (951) 506-1040.