As popularity of particular elective cosmetic procedures continues to grow in the United States, it comes as no surprise that other countries around the world are starting to follow suit. When it comes to counting total elective cosmetic procedures, Brazil, China, Japan and India round out the top 5 with the United States sitting comfortably in the #1 position. Some of the countries that surprisingly made the top 25 list include Turkey, Venezuela, Romania, Thailand, and Argentina.

“We are watching the rest of the world catch up with what we’ve known for decades,” states Dr. Eichenberg of Murrieta and Temecula plastic surgery. “Because we do so many more procedures, we believe our technology and technique is superior to that found in other countries.”

Many individuals continue to flock to the United States on medical holidays, in which they consult with Temecula and Murrieta plastic surgery clinics, have procedures done, and even recover in nearby hotel rooms. When investing in your face or body, you usually get what you pay for, and most patients-turned-tourists believe it is a lifelong investment. Taking a trip overseas is seen as a worthy expense included in the overall price of the procedure. Many individuals arrive a few days before their procedure and take time to do a little sightseeing or other tourist adventures. The whole event becomes an unforgettable experience with memories that last a lifetime.

“We are happy to host visitors from other countries interested in our procedures,” Dr. Eichenberg goes on to explain. “When it comes to providing beautiful results, we believe we have the most experience.”

Advances in techniques and technology will continue to expand this growing field of elective scientific discovery and the United States continues to work hard to stay on top and provide its residents with the best results.

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