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Plastic Surgery Testimonials Temecula

Perhaps nothing says more about a practice than what past patients have to say about their experience. When people come to us for plastic surgery, it is not uncommon for them to be so overjoyed with their experience that they write us a thank you note. With our patient’s permission, we’d like to share a few of these with you. Also, be sure to check out our Real Patient Reviews.

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I would recommend Dr. Ford and the entire Renuance team over and over! I had a breast lift with implant on Sep 28th and within just these two months, I’ve been nothing but in love with the results! As they heal, they continue to look amazing and feel so natural. I’m a mother of two and breastfed both babies. My youngest is now 5 and as time went on and I lost more and more weight, I lost my perk and fullness and knew it was time to feel better about my body. Any concerns I had with recovery, scarring, evenness, infections, or longevity involving the procedure were not only answered honestly but became nothing even close to worrying about. I followed the post-op instructions and my incision scars are barely visible. I’m extremely satisfied.

As far as the staff, you couldn’t ask for a better group of people to take care of you during such a sensitive and emotional time. Granted it was my first and only consultation at a cosmetic center but their friendliness and patience exceeded anything I would have expected. I felt safe and comforted every step of the way. From the time we signed the papers, to the time I woke up to my wonderful nurse (Tammy? She was great! The worst part of recovery was leaving her!). Dr. Ford is beyond pleasant and extremely well-spoken. She helped me find the perfect size that fit my frame but wasn’t too modest and gave honest opinions, which made me trust her even more. She was genuine and humble during every encounter and as my follow-up visits stretched out further, she never lost that. You can tell she has a passion for what she does and has her patients best interest in mind.

I feel my age again and have more confidence than ever before.
Thank you all!

I would recommend Dr. Ford and the entire Renuance team over and over

4 Words…I LOVE this center!! As a surgical RN I have worked with Dr. Eichenberg in the hospital so when I needed a little work in preparation for my 40th high school reunion, I went straight to him because I know he’s incredible. What I didn’t know was how incredible his staff is. Pattie, you are this patient’s dream – preoperatively and postoperatively I’ve never been so well informed and well taken care of. I will sing all of your praises.

Thank you all again.

I love this center!

Dr. Eichenberg is a first class surgeon and a lovely person. He answered my questions patiently and thoroughly and I felt that he truly understood the nature of some of my concerns and addressed them well. I had some specific concerns about the size and location of my mini tummy tuck scar and he did his best to minimize its size. He also performed lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and my eyes and face look amazing. Two months post surgery, the scars are almost completely invisible and the bags and undereye sagging are gone. My skin is smooth and tight and I look half my age. I am extremely pleased with the work Dr. Eichenberg did for me and I would (and have) recommend him to family and friends. His staff is also well trained, helpful and easy to deal with. All in all, an excellent surgical experience!

“First class surgeon”

My experience went very well from the office visits, nurse visits, and doctor visit . I felt all my questions were answered and the information that was provided to me before my procedure was extremely helpful . The Doctor was very professional and I am very happy with my results..I liked that Pattie was very truthful about the pre-post operation questions/answers. Thank you to the whole Renaunce Staff for a good experience. Thank you to the Doctor who has done an excellent job on my surgery!!

I am very happy with my results

Dear Dr. Eichenberg and Staff,
I was dealing with fear from previous surgeries and from the moment I met Dr. Eichenberg he understood me. So many of the other doctors I saw just made shallow promises that I couldn’t trust. Dr. Eichenberg was patient, reassuring and I trusted him. My surgery was a breeze! Thank you Dr. Eichenberg for restoring my faith in physicians again!

“surgery was a breeze!”

Dr. Eichenberg and Staff,
I just wanted to let you know your staff and facility is very friendly and professional. When you’re done with the first visit, you know you made the right choice. My eyes look fantastic now!

“friendly and professional”

Dear Dr. Eichenberg,
Dr. E, you are the “Breast Whisperer”! He pretty much saved me from looking like a monster. I mean, a “uniboob” is no sexy thing! Thanks for fixing what the other doctors couldn’t!

“Breast Whisperer”!


The Breast Whisperer

the first nighttime & daytime bra of its kind

Specializing in Anti-Gravity, Lift & Comfort

A ground breaking invention from Dr. Eichenberg

24687 Monroe Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562

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