Across Asia, plastic surgeons are seeing a new trend. People of all ages are turning to surgery to look more western. They are changing their face contours, eyelids, and noses to sport a more western appearance, and one they view as “beautiful.”

Recently, CNN interviewed a mother and her 12-year-old daughter who had decided the young girl would benefit from eyelid surgery. “In this story we see a mom who is trying to give her daughter the best possible future. It may seem strange to us, but it is not really much different than a mom allowing her child to have surgery on ears that stick out too far or are too large,” commented Dr. Eichenberg.

The belief behind this surgical westernization is that a “pretty” face, which is defined as one that is more westernized, will give an individual greater opportunities, including better jobs offers and career advancement opportunities.

Yet, some people are very uncomfortable with this surgical westernization. Some feel it is a “racial hatred” to change the natural features to match another race.

“In our culture we value different things,” says Dr. Eichenberg. “A woman seeking plastic surgery in Murrieta may be looking to have her breasts enlarged or her tummy flattened. That is what is defined as ‘beautiful’ in our culture. It’s not much different in their culture, but it just so happens that their ideal of beauty is a little different than ours.”

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