As interest in cosmetic procedures continues to grow thanks to widespread acceptance and affordability, there is a growing concern over the issue of patient safety in many states across the nation. Particularly, some states allow plastic surgeons to perform cosmetic procedures without being accredited or licensed. This presents an inherent problem as plastic surgeons that work in offices without proper accreditation and/or licensure often do not possess the necessary life-saving equipment and medication, nor do they abide by any safety regulations that protect the patients such as record keeping and cleanliness.While some states do require appropriate accreditation and/or licensure, a vast majority do not; the result of which can jeopardize the safety of patients who undergo procedures at facilities where the surgeons are not certified and/or adequately trained to handle contingencies. This is particularly relevant with respect to risky new procedures. To make the safest choices, it is best to go with a board certified surgeon that works for a fully accredited surgical center. This way, you can avoid a question of working with someone who is not prepared to perform the kind of surgery you want.

“While it is very unfortunate that some plastic surgeons are performing procedures without the proper training, it is a pervasive problem in the industry,” says Dr. Eichenberg. “In the Temecula and Murrieta area, state accreditation and licensure is not mandatory for plastic surgeons performing cosmetic procedures. If you want to avoid complications that typically surrounds a doctor who is not board certified, go see a board certified plastic surgeon who is well trained. Residents are in safe hands at the Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center.” To learn more about state accredited and licensed plastic surgeons, as well as plastic surgery in Temecula, visit