Plastic surgery has never been something relegated completely to women, yet recently surgeons are finding a rise in the number of men seeking the old nip-and-tuck, particularly for male breast reduction.

“Nothing can make a man feel less than masculine quite as much as overly large breasts,” stated Dr. Eichenberg. “The breast is an inherently female body part, and let’s face it, ‘man boobs’ are simply not attractive. Plastic surgery provides a real, semi-permanent solution for men with this problem.”

Male breasts occur because of a condition called gynecomastia. Recently, the condition has been mocked on popular television shows, making some men even more self-conscious about their condition. As plastic surgery is becoming increasingly acceptable for men, surgeons are giving their male patients the option to have breast reduction surgery, making their chests masculine once again.

The numbers for this surgery have been steadily rising. Male breast reduction is one of the top five cosmetic surgery procedures for men, with over 18,200 surgeries in the US in 2010.

According to Dr. Eichenberg, “We do not fully understand the cause of gynecomastia, but we do know that there is a treatment through cosmetic surgery. Men can have hope of a normal appearance once again with the help of a skilled surgeon.”

For men who are considering plastic surgery in Temecula for this condition, the Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center offers male breast reduction. Murrieta men can have a simple surgery to remove this glandular tissue with minimal scarring, giving them a masculine shape once again. Visit our male breast reduction page to learn more.