Miniature White Gift Box With Red Bow Held On Two HandsIn Temecula and Murrieta, plastic surgery is becoming a popular graduation gift to teenagers on their way to college or university. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons recognized this nation-wide trend last year and many practitioners are responding this summer with support for parents and teens alike.

“There has been an increase in public acceptance of plastic surgery over the past few years,” says Dr. Eichenberg of Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center. “There is more public discussion within the media as well. This trend comes as no surprise to me and many of my practicing colleagues.”

The most popular procedures for graduating high school students are rhinoplasty, breast augmentation or correction, breast reduction, and liposuction procedures. If you have a teen that is interested in plastic surgery this graduation season, it’s important to discuss their aesthetic goals and motivation. These is are the same subjects that will be discussed with their surgeon, who will determine if potential patients are emotionally ready to make a permanent change. While younger patients face less surgical risk, it is a life-altering decision.

“It’s never a decision made lightly, regardless of their age” says Dr. Eichenberg. “This is not something exclusive to younger patients. I speak with all my patients about their goals to make sure they are ready to make the emotional, physical, and financial commitment to permanently alter their body. My advice to parents is to be supportive and encourage them to talk about their goals and reasons for considering a surgical enhancement or correction.”

As a parent in Temecula and Murrieta, plastic surgery may be a discussion you’re having with your son or daughter. If you have concerns, reservations, or would like to learn more, Dr. Eichenberg welcomes you to review different procedures on his website at You can also schedule a consultation.