Recently, a Turkish plastic surgeon made international headlines when he put the “smile back on the face” of former British model Katie Piper. Miss Piper was horribly scarred when an assailant hired by her former boyfriend sprayed her in the face with acid. The attack left her scarred beyond recognition and ended her successful career as a televisions personality. Yet recently, Miss Piper has once again been seen at awards shows and on interviews, a testament to the healing power possible with plastic surgery.

When asked about this internationally renowned story, Dr. Eichenberg said, “It just goes to show how much power a plastic surgeon has. Many view us as simply those who help already attractive people become more attractive, but we can actually change lives for those who have been through accidents or assaults, like the one Miss Piper experienced.”

The Turkish doctor, Doctor Erol, offered a treatment that was the final step in a series of over 30 plastic surgeries that the model underwent to try to get her face back to its former appearance. Piper is completing a book entitled “Beautiful” about her ordeal.

“Stories like this help me remember why I became a plastic surgeon,” stated Dr. Eichenberg. “Everyday I help people achieve beauty and feel more confident about themselves. Like Dr. Erol, I am changing lives on a daily basis.

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