It seems, yet again, that the world has learned of an under-qualified doctor performing cosmetic procedures with dire results. USA Today recently reported on patients of Dr. Albert Sant Antonio who were killed after botched plastic surgery procedures.

One of these, Kellee Lee-Howard, went to Sant Antonio’s clinic for minimally invasive liposuction. She was pronounced dead the next morning when her family could not rouse her from her sleep. The cause? She overdosed on the painkillers used in her procedure. In fact, the doses were so high; it appeared Sant Antonio was terribly negligent in his care for her.

This is not the first time he has had a similar report. Maria Shortall died of cardiac arrest after what should have been a simple procedure.

When asked about these stories, Dr. Eichenberg said, “Because of the potential for profit in plastic surgery, we have far too many untrained doctors offering these procedures on the side, or even setting up their own medical spas and practicing cosmetic surgery exclusively. They are not trained or certified in the field, yet patients go to them to save money, and some end up paying the ultimate price.”

According to Dr. Eichenberg, “These types of tragedies should not happen. You can protect yourself by seeking only board certified plastic surgeons in an accredited surgery center such as our AAAASF surgery center which has been continuously accredited for the last 12 years. Those who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery have proven their skill and training in the field.”

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