Close Up of Woman's Lower Face And Breast Wearing White TankThere are several reasons women seek a breast lift. Genetics, past pregnancies, weight loss or aging can all cause sagging, droopy breasts. The primary reason women have breast augmentation is to increase volume. If women experience a loss of volume as well as sagging after pregnancy or weight loss, they can have both surgeries done at the same time. A breast lift alone cannot create volume and a breast augmentation alone cannot correct sagging. A breast lift may be done in conjunction with a breast augmentation to give women a full, youthful shape back.

Patients who are considered good candidates for this combination surgery are women who have always had small breasts that now sag, women who have a loss of volume and skin elasticity due to pregnancy or weight loss or women have always had sagging breasts and want to increase the volume.

A breast lift with augmentation is often part of a mommy makeover. A mommy makeover can also include a tummy tuck and liposuction as part of the combination surgeries.

There are several benefits to doing a breast lift and augmentation simultaneously. First, the recovery time does not increase when both surgeries are performed. Experience has shown it takes an equal amount of time to recover from augmentation with a lift as it does from a breast lift alone. Secondly, when both procedures are done at the same time there is less scarring. In a breast lift the surgeon will remove the excess skin. With a breast augmentation more of this skin is used to cover the implant. Since less skin will need to be removed the result is less scarring. And finally, by doing both procedures at the same time, your surgeon can use a comprehensive approach. Your breast lift will be done to accommodate the implants and your implants will be chosen based on what will work best for you after the lift.

It is often confusing for patients to understand what types of surgeries will help them achieve their goal. Sometimes a patient needs a breast reduction in conjunction with a lift, or if sagging is minimal a breast augmentation alone can give patients the body contour they are looking for. Consulting a plastic surgeon is the only way for a patient to know what type of surgery is necessary.

With a breast lift, Temecula and Murrieta patients can learn if other breast procedures like breast augmentation will give them the full, natural and youthful results they are seeking. To learn more about breast lift and other cosmetic procedure visit our website at or call us today at 951.430.0583 for a complimentary consultation.