Nude Woman Smiling and Covering ChestFat grafting is the process by which fat is transferred from specific parts of the body (such as the hips, thighs and other such locations) to other parts of the body (hands, face and neck) that have lost fat due to aging. In its early days, fat grafting was considered to be a relatively underrated and extremely simplified process geared to counteract the apparent sagging effects of aging.

Now that we understand that sagging skin and loose wrinkles are not just a result of aging but also caused by volume loss and deflation, fat grafting has begun to offer a whole new cosmetic potential. Not all fat grafting is the same; therefore, particular techniques can be directly applied to specific clinical situations. In fact, there are four main variables in fat-grafting procedures. These variables are as follows:

  • Harvesting
  • Cell processing
  • Means of transplantation
  • How the recipient site is managed

In order to get optimal results for you, experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Eichenberg will first work to understand your specific case in order to determine the proper technique. Precise fat grafting and proper post-surgical care can yield impressive cosmetic results.

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