Blond Woman With Ruffled Blouse and Silver Earrings On Yellow BackgroundAs one of the central parts of the face, the nose plays an important role in your appearance. Facial harmony and balance are affected by the nose. For those who have a crooked nose, a nose damaged by trauma or a nose they’d like reshaped closer to their ideals, there is nose correction surgery, also known as rhinoplasty.

A surgical nose correction is a sophisticated procedure, because the nose is a complex structure. The nose plays both a functional and aesthetic role in our daily lives, and it’s composed of several types of tissue, including cartilage, bone and flesh.

Nose surgery can treat a variety of issues, such as a deviated septum, bulbous nasal tip, enlarged nostrils and nasal asymmetry.

Consult with experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Eichenberg to determine which nose correction options best suit your individual needs.

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