For most women, one of the things they look forward to most at the end of the day is finally unstrapping their bra. Most normal bras are tight and confining, creating a growing tension in the shoulders, chest, and back that can make day-long wear exhausting.

Unfortunately, these women who pry their bras off as soon as they can are putting themselves at risk for a big problem — sagging breasts. Over the years, as gravity pulls down on the breasts, they can begin to sag and droop, eliminating a woman’s once perky and youthful chest. One way to prevent this is to wear a bra at night, but what bra is comfortable enough to be donned for such an extended period of time?

Enter the Breast Whisperer Bra, a nighttime sleep bra specially designed in tandem by Dr. Brian Eichenberg and fashion designer Ankur Chakraborty. This comfortable, supportive, and stylish bra provides everything a woman needs to protect her breasts from the effects of gravity while she sleeps.

Why Should a Woman Wear a Bra at Night?

Whether a woman has natural breasts or breast implants, the effects of gravity are the same. It pushes things down, meaning that even the perkiness of breasts will eventually begin to droop over time. While most women keep their breasts protected during the day by wearing a bra, at night, when the bra comes off, their breasts are entirely susceptible to these downward forces.

Even lying in bed unprotected can be damaging to a woman’s breasts. As a woman tosses, turns, or lies on one side, the breasts are pushed and smashed. Over time, this creates noticeable wrinkles in the décolletage. In fact, these wrinkles are so tell-tale that it’s often possible to tell which side a woman always sleeps on because she only has breast wrinkles on one side.

Needless to say, the Breast Whisperer Bra can put an end to these issues thanks to its intense support.

The Breast Whisperer

Keep your breasts younger and perkier with The Breast Whisperer bra. Prevent stretching and physical aging with the most comfortable daytime-nighttime support garment you’ll ever own.

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What Makes the Breast Whisperer Bra So Comfortable?

Most bras are not comfortable enough to wear to bed — not even close. So what makes this one such a good nighttime sleep bra?

Much of the bra’s comfort comes from its medical-grade, ultra-breathable fabric. The Breast Whisperer Bra is constructed of 95 percent nylon and 5 percent spandex/elastane, giving it just enough stretch so that it fits women of all shapes and sizes without being too tight or confining. No extra fabric is used in the bra, meaning that there won’t be any material folds or rolls under the clothes.

This nighttime sleep bra also features a racerback shape that helps relieve pressure off a woman’s shoulders, especially when paired with the lower shoulder seam. The seam is an inch lower than normal, which takes much of the pressure off the shoulders and redistributes it across the collarbone. This reduces rubbing on the shoulders so women don’t feel as though they’ve been supporting a heavy load all day.

Perhaps best of all, the Breast Whisperer Bra does not contain any metal or plastic in its construction. All of the support comes directly from the tailored fit and design of the bra, so women won’t be jabbed and prodded with sharp, unrelenting edges while they’re trying to drift off to sleep.

How Dr. Eichenberg Created Such a Versatile Nighttime Sleep Bra

Dr. Eichenberg and Ankur worked in collaboration to design a product that’s not only medically sound but also fashionably relevant. The Breast Whisperer Bra is truly unique in that women can go straight from their day at work to a night on the town to their pajamas all without changing out their bra.

As a cosmetic and plastic surgeon, Dr. Eichenberg wanted to find a way to protect his patients’ breasts from signs of aging. He knew that the effects of gravity, especially during the night, were playing a role in many of his patients’ problems. Therefore, he used his knowledge of the female body to devise a solution that would support the breasts without making them feel like they’re hostages.

Have Sweet Dreams With a Nighttime Sleep Bra From Dr. Eichenberg

There’s no reason to let your breasts succumb to sagging and drooping. Keep them high, perky, and lifted by wearing the Breast Whisperer Bra at night while you sleep.

To learn more about how this bra can preserve the youthfulness of your breasts, give us a call today at (951) 506-1040.