As bullying and even cyber bullying are becoming more and more violent and dangerous, some kids and their parents are turning to reconstructive cosmetic surgeons for help. While this may be controversial, for some who have physical features that make them stand out and become the subject for extreme teasing, a skilled surgeon can greatly improve their lives and self esteem.

“When I see a child who needs reconstructive help, I treat the case very carefully,” stated Dr. Eichenberg. “It is important that children receive the message that they are beautiful just the way they are, but that I can help them improve areas that are bothering them. It is only after carefully considering the child’s emotional well being that I will perform surgery.”

Dr. Eichenberg also states that many kids are coming for physical reasons, not emotional. “I might treat a young girl who has overly large breasts that are causing back pain, or a boy who is developing female-like breasts. These problems can cause very real physical torment, and are worth treating, but only with parental consent.” Other situations that can be helped surgically include ears that are misshapen or stick out too far, birth defects that are the source of teasing, and even noses that are too big or too small for the young person’s face. In these cases, Dr. Eichenberg takes the role of a reconstructive surgeon, rather than a cosmetic surgeon, to help the young person regain a natural appearance to better fit in among his or her peers.

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