The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is partnering with The Plastic Surgery Foundation to launch a national event raising the awareness of breast reconstruction. National Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day, also known as B.R.A, will take place later this Fall on October 17, 2012. This campaign will be an international effort, with the US joining 20 other countries to work together to increase awareness for women around the world.

This comes as a response to many breast cancer survivors unaware of their choices for restoration surgery and breast augmentation. Riverside and Hemet women who have undergone surgery to remove breast tissue are able to take advantage of federal programs that cover the cost of reconstruction. While these programs have been available to women for over a decade, many are unaware of these programs. Over 70 percent of eligible women are never informed about their options.

Jewel, the world renowned singer-songwriter, will serve as the spokesperson for this campaign. She is also performing in a charitable concert later on October 29, 2012 in New Orleans, debuting her song that recognizes breast reconstruction patients. This event will also coincide with Plastic Surgery: The Meeting. All proceeds will go towards national and local awareness organizations, distributed by The Plastic Surgery Foundation.

If you are looking into options for reconstruction and breast augmentation, Riverside and Hemet women can discuss their goals with Dr. Eichenberg of Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center. To learn more about the surgical options offered, visit