“So believe me when I tell you I found a bra that I never want to take off. Like, even when I’m relaxing at home…even when I’m sleeping…”

That’s right, I’m basically only going bra-free when I’m in the shower!

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A Bra Expert Shows Us How to Choose The Right Plus-Size Sports Bra

Finding the perfect plus-size sports bra can require a lot of research and patience since you’re looking for both support and comfort. However, bra expert Kimmay Caldwell says that, while there are no one-size-fits-all rules for plus-sized babes, there are a few tips that can make your search a little easier.

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The Best Bra for Breast Implants

“After having my breast augmentation, I struggled to find a bra that provided a good amount of support. While you don’t need to sleep in a bra, I want to make sure and keep my breasts high and tight for as long as possible, so I decided to sleep in a bra.”

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Watch Nicole Young (2:28) explain how The Breast Whisperer can help to reduce sagging and wrinkles when worn nightly while sleeping.

National Nutrition Month and National Sleep Month are both celebrated in March, so it’s the perfect time to improve your strategies for wellness. Nicole Young, Founder of thebeautifulbody.com, has some great ideas for making the most of your health in March and beyond.

THE FIRST NIGHTTIME & DAYTIME BRA OF ITS KIND Specializing in Anti-Gravity, Lift & Comfort

“The support system provides better support not only in the front but also on sides as well as in the back. The all around support omits the need of an underwire and other clasps whatsoever…”

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This One is For The Ladies…

“I feel like this bra would eliminate the desire to remove the bra ASAP when you get home. This bra is so comfortable (for me) that I forget I’m even wearing it. It just feels like a layer of clothing…”

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Featured on Savvy Living

Featured in the Savvy Living TV show on ABC San Diego on Sunday, May 5th 11:30am with Merilee Kern. Watch around 11:20 within the video as Dr. Eichenberg explains the reasons behind creating The Breast Whisperer Bra.

Featured on Dawn’s Corner

Featured with Dawn McCarthy (1:08) of Dawn’s Corner as unique Mother’s Day Gifts.