Female Receiving Injection In Between EyebrowsIn a recent psychology study, researchers found that the face not only displays emotions you are feeling, but certain facial expressions that can also affect your mood. Dr. Tillmann Kruger of Hanover, Germany remarks that frowning reinforces emotions of anger, fear, and sadness. By suppressing the reaction to frown, you can actually feel relief from the emotion you are experiencing.

What is more interesting is that the study used BOTOX. Riverside and Hemet men and women often opt for this popular injection to erase lines and wrinkles on their face. This study showed that the same product can suppress the act of frowning, create a less stressed appearance and even change the way a person feels. Half of the participants in this group showed a change in mood and 80% showed at least partial results.

“As a surgeon, BOTOX has improved how my patients feel about themselves,” says Dr. Eichenberg of Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center. “It’s not just about improving how you look, but how comfortable you feel. It doesn’t surprise me to hear that it can also improve mood.”

The study was clear to point out that there is also a social aspect to how people feel. Participants may have also felt less stress and negative emotion because of the positive response people received from their calm expressions in social interactions. “Although the goal of cosmetic surgery is not to improve yourself for others, injectables and fillers that smooth lines in the face also elicit a more positive response in your social life,” says Dr. Eichenberg. “However, it does start with feeling confident in yourself.”

Visit https://www.renuance.net/botox-riverside.html to learn more about improving your appearance and mood with BOTOX. Riverside and Hemet prospective patients can also explore their options with Dr. Eichenberg in a consultation at his offices.