Female Model Measuring WaistWhen you overeat, you gain additional weight – this we all know. However, recent studies have shown that high-fat diets can actually injure the brain in as little as a 24 hour period. Researchers now have evidence that hypothalamic neuron injury is associated with obese humans. Inflammation can cause irreversible damage that keeps you from being able to control your weight.

What makes the injury profound is that you are affecting your brain’s natural ability to regulate eating. This helps researchers better understand why people who have had problems maintaining a healthy weight in the past fall back on old habits, even after profound weigh loss and lifestyle changes. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that regulates weight and, consequently, caloric demand. When you become obese, your body actually defends its elevated body weight, making it seemingly impossible to change one’s life through diet and exercise.

“As someone who works with a variety of patients looking to surgically alter their figure, this can be disheartening news. As a doctor I try to improve the lives of my patients, to help them regain a sense of self confidence and self worth,” Dr. Eichenberg states. “Although there are many patients that are looking to alter their figures only slightly to make up for what diet and exercise cannot accomplish, a great many looking into liposuction are seeking to remove excess fat.”

When you choose elective surgery, it is important to commit wholeheartedly to the transformation. From a simple tummy tuck to large volume liposuction, you need to follow your surgery and recovery with a new, more responsible lifestyle to maintain the results. Most are able to use the positive energy they experience when they are first able to truly enjoy their new body and translate that long term in their lives.

Although this correlation has been discovered, researchers have not yet proven the cause and effect between hypothalamic neuron injury and the body’s natural defense to maintain an elevated body weight. The important thing we can learn from this research, however, is that there are significant consequences to our unhealthy actions. It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the body and the mind.

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