White Present With Teal BowI’ve had many a breast augmentation patient at my Riverside-area practice tell me she was getting breast implants as a gift to herself. At this time of year, when we have gifts for others on our minds, the following question often arises around my office: Is it appropriate to give someone a cosmetic surgery procedure as a present?

I say absolutely — as long as you tread tactfully. I wouldn’t suggest springing the gift on loved ones who have never expressed interest in aesthetic procedures. For the right person, though, I can’t imagine a more thoughtful expression of compassion and kindness.

Most plastic surgery patients think about getting something done for years because they have a specific physical characteristic that bothers them. Once they change that characteristic through cosmetic enhancement, they often have a vastly improved self-image and feel better about themselves inside and out. If you can facilitate that kind of physical and emotional growth through a gift, I would definitely recommend it.

One way to ensure your loved one knows you care when you present your gift is to do some research. Take the time to check out board-certified plastic surgeons who have experience with the procedure your loved one wants, and be sure you keep that person’s goals in mind. If you find a qualified surgeon who performs just the right kind of work, your loved one will likely be thrilled to unwrap your gift.

Many surgeons offer gift cards and other financing packages. If you think we at Renuance™ Cosmetic Surgery Center might have the perfect gift for your loved one, please contact us to discuss options with me or our patient coordinator.