Dr. Eichenberg regularly sees patients who ask about the latest innovations in the surgeries they are considering. Stem cells are one of these innovations people are curious to learn more about. According to Dr. Eichenberg, “Many people think of stem cells as a miracle potion that fixes anything, including cosmetic flaws. Yet, it is not quite that powerful.”

Stem cells are cells extracted from a patient’s own fatty tissue. Now, fat transfer for breast augmentation is not a new thing, but using stem cells specifically is a newly pursued option. “The goal of this procedure is to increase the concentration of stem cells before injecting them into the breasts,” says Dr. Eichenberg. “The goal is that the stem cells will make the injections more effective than the fat cells without the high stem cell concentration.”

So why isn’t Dr. Eichenberg offering these procedures yet? “There simply is not enough data to show that it is more effective and that the results are the quality my patients expect,” he says. “There also may be risks, including the risk of breast cancer, that have not yet surfaced.” So, it may be possible that these procedures will show up in his office in the future, but for now, he is sticking to more traditional procedures.

When considering breast augmentation, Riverside women want to know all of the latest technological advances. Stem cell surgeries may be the wave of the future for plastic surgeons, but only time will tell. To see before and after pictures of patients in Riverside and Hemet who have had this surgery using Dr. Eichenberg’s modern techniques, visit https://www.renuance.net/breast-procedures-temecula/breast-augmentation/.