A recent study supported the trend among cancer victims of seeking breast augmentation soon after mastectomy. Some women put off reconstructive surgery, because they fear complications from radiation therapy or delays in cancer treatment, but a study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery states that this fear is unfounded. “This is good news for women facing the scary road of breast cancer treatment,” states Dr. Eichenberg. “Now they do not have to add worries about their appearance to the rest of their concerns.”

In the study, researchers looked at women with advanced breast cancer who went through reconstructive surgery just after their mastectomy. Out of 170 women, only 15 faced major complications, and only 8 had to delay treatment because of these complications. The study also looked at whether or not immediate reconstruction led to complications from radiation therapy. It appears that only about 10 percent of the women reported any severe breast distortion, and this number is comparable to those who wait to have reconstruction until after their treatments.

So are there any advantages to immediate reconstruction? “Actually, there are several advantages,” states Dr. Eichenberg. “Women who have reconstruction right away have better cosmetic results. They also face shorter recovery times and lower costs.” For women who are losing their breasts to cancer, this is very good news.

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