Patients who wish to have female to male surgery turn to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eichenberg for chest surgery. His sensitivity to the issues at hand and expert care and skill make him the first choice among those considering this surgery.

“My philosophy is to tailor each surgery to each individual patients needs and body type,” states Dr. Eichenberg. “My goal is to make the surgery as minimally invasive as possible, doing all I can to maintain nipple sensation.” Over the years he has developed a highly precise technique gaining great success in maintaining nipple sensation.

For patients with a B-cup or smaller, Dr. Eichenberg is generally able to succeed with a peri-areolar incision only. This curves around the nipple, allowing the doctor to remove the breast tissue without damaging the nerves. Larger breasts require the peri-areloar incision in conjunction with one that curves along the bottom edge of the pectoralis muscle. Again, the goal is to preserve nipple sensation.

“Removing the breasts, however, is one of the most important steps in gender reassignment, as these are one of the most obvious outward symbols of femininity. That is why we work painstakingly to make sure each patient receives the change they are seeking,” says Dr. Eichenberg.

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