Smooth Round Butt Cheeks With Black Thong PantyBoard-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Eichenberg offers a safe and simple process of fat transferring that starts with suctioning body fat with liposuction. This fat transfer process provides benefits to multiple areas of the face and/or body at the same time, as unwanted fat from one area is injected into another.

It typically takes Dr. Eichenberg anywhere from two to three hours to complete the fat transfer procedure, which is performed using a local anesthetic on the required focus areas. Depending upon the amount of fat being transferred, sedation may be required.

During the first few months following the procedure, roughly 65% of the injected fat will naturally be absorbed into your body. The remaining 35% should remain in place for several years. To enhance the longevity of the fat transfer, many patients opt for multiple treatments over a six-month period.

Dr. Eichenberg services all of Murrieta, as well as the entire Temecula area. For your quick and convenient consultation, contact us.