Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to enhance the look of a woman’s breasts. In 2009, breast augmentation became the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure, surpassing liposuction.

There are many reasons women may choose to have breast augmentation surgery. They include: increasing the size of the breast, correcting breasts of different size, helping women whose breasts have changed due to pregnancy, weight loss or aging. Women who have survived breast cancer often select reconstructive breast surgery after a mastectomy. A breast lift is often done in conjunction with a breast augmentation to help patients with sagging issues.

A complete pre-operative consultation allows patients to discuss their goals for surgery as well select the implant size. Dr. Eichenberg will examine you, answer any questions, and based on his experience and your torso-size, recommend several implant sizes. Using a special surgical bra, you can try these sizes and be photographed in them for a “before” and “after” look.

Dr. Eichenberg will also discuss the differences between saline and silicone implants and which type of implant will work for you and your surgical goals.

Breast augmentation surgery is done on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. Incisions are made either under the breast or along the nipple edge to reduce visibility of any scar. The surgery generally takes about 2 ½ hours and patients are usually home resting the first few days of recovery. Recovery generally takes one to two weeks.

Dr. Brian Eichenberg is an accomplished master surgeon with medical degrees from Georgetown University Medical School and Loma Linda University Medical Center. He is a board certified plastic surgeon in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center is a state of the art operating facility, nationally accredited through AAAASF. It features two operating rooms and confidential and private pre-op and post-op areas.

In Temecula, breast augmentation by Dr. Brian Eichenberg and his highly qualified staff at the Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center can give you beautiful, naturally, sculpted looking breasts with augmentation surgery.